Value of Water

Water is essential to our daily lives, but few people stop to consider its value and importance, especially when compared to bottled water and other everyday products.

Increasing Cost

Your tap water costs less than a penny per gallon - a true bargain considering the energy and expertise it takes to treat and deliver safe and reliable water to your home. But like many basic services today, the cost of treating and delivering water to your tap increases for several reasons:

  • Aging water infrastructure - The repair and upgrade of aging pipelines, pumps, and other facilities accounts for a significant portion of monthly water bills.
  • Cost of developing new supplies - Monthly water bills reflect the cost of securing new water supply sources.
  • Increasing energy costs - It takes lots of electricity to pump, treat, and deliver water. Rising costs for energy directly affect the cost of delivering water to you.
  • Rising treatment costs - Increasingly stringent drinking water regulations add to the cost of providing water.

 Customer Service

As a customer of of the Department of Water and Power, you are getting more than a product. You are getting reliable service that includes ongoing maintenance, sophisticated water quality testing and treatment, and highly trained personnel.

Product Comparison

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