Xeriscape & Water-Wise Landscaping

Using native and drought tolerant plants are just a couple elements of what is known as Xeriscaping. 'Xeri' does not mean zero, it comes from the Greek term 'xeros' meaning dry. Xeriscape landscaping simply means landscaping in a way that minimizes water use. Some of the advantages to Xeriscaping are less maintenance, less water used (and therefore less cost), less water lost to evaporation, less runoff, a better habitat for animals and better use and retention of rainwater.

Xeriscape Principles

There are seven basic principles of Xeriscape:

  • Appropriate maintenance
  • Irrigate efficiently
  • Planning and design
  • Soil analysis
  • Use alternative turf or limit turf
  • Use mulches
  • Using appropriate plants and zones

With a little creativity, it is possible to have an attractive landscape while using relatively little water. Need some ideas? Check out the DWP’s Xeriscape Demonstration Garden on Fox Farm Road across from the Kmart parking lot. There are over 80 native or drought-tolerant species as well as several examples of hardscape and other landscape elements.

***Please keep in mind our mountain climate when choosing plants. While some plants are drought tolerant, they may not be suited for our altitude or winter temperatures. Always do research or consult with a professional.***

Xeriscape & Native Plants

Please follow the links to see selected Xeriscape and California native plants. Click on the photos to enlarge, and click on the species link for description of plant.

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