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We Care
Like all businesses, the DWP is forever conscious of our bottom line and acutely aware of the expense of running a business. To this end, we are a willing partner in helping you save water and money. People sometimes ask why we want our customers to save water when that’s how we make money. First, what we really want is to prevent water waste. We all need water for basic human needs: to drink, clean, bathe, and cook. But why overuse water when it is costly and unnecessary, especially if we have a limited supply? Second, moderate use of water helps our infrastructure and facilities last longer, saving ratepayers money in the long run. The bottom line is - conservation helps us better manage our resources for the future.

Business Resources
The same principal applies in business. By conserving water, you’re cutting down on your water bill now and investing in the future. Businesses also qualify for our free Indoor Water (Plumbing) Surveys, Outdoor Water (Irrigation) Survey, Toilet Rebates and Turf BuyBack.

Lodging Cards
We have linen cards available for lodges that educate guests about our local water supply and gives them the opportunity to help conserve it. These are available free of charge. They are printed on a glossy card stock and are double-sided. Please contact the Conservation Department if you would like to request some.

Hotel Card (front)
Hotel Card (back)


We have tent cards available to place on tables that say "water by request only." These are available free of charge. They are printed on a glossy card stock and are double-sided once you fold them into a tent. Please contact the Conservation Department if you would like to request some.