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Community Involvement
Our Community
Earth Day Expo
Curious about what events we participate in?
Or what type of school education programs we offer?
Do you want to know what conservation options are available for businesses?
Or if we have guest speakers available for clubs or organizations?

Community is part of our motto because the DWP staff members are not just utility employees; we are members of the community, neighbors, friends, and associates. Outreach isn’t going above and beyond; it’s one of our responsibilities.

Community Events
Community events are a vital and social part of who we are as residents of the Bear Valley. We invest our time and our efforts in joining other individuals, groups, and companies in setting up booths and becoming actively involved in local events. We always have free gifts and handouts as well as information on water and water conservation for anyone who comes by to share some time with us. From garden tours to community events, we are out here sharing with everyone. 

Check out ways you can get involved with our community by searching the Resource Directory.