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School Education Program
Classroom Activity
Water Cycle Bracelet Activity - 5th Grade
Your water department is here for you. We would be happy to come to your classroom or school and talk about water. We can teach students about water through fun, hands-on activities. Tell us what you want or let us be creative. Sometimes getting your hands wet is what life is all about.

Let us help create a hands-on activity for your class!
Topics could include:
  • Drought
  • How we can save water by using less
  • Our local water supply - groundwater
  • California's water supply
  • The water cycle
  • Anything else water-related!

Current Elementary School Programs
The DWP offers in-class activities for 3rd and 5th grade classes. DWP conservation staff is proud to be Project WET trained and offer Project WET-based activities. Third graders learn about the three states of water and pretend they are water molecules during the Molecules in Motion activity. Fifth graders learn about the processes of the water cycle and make bracelets to help them remember during the Water Cycle activity. During these activities, all students also learn about our local water supply and the importance of conserving it.

Interested? Please contact the Conservation Department for more information.