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Measuring Progress, Drop by Drop
When in drought, every drop counts. When every drop counts, water agencies count on every meter to accurately measure those drops. The DWP is nearly a year ahead of schedule on our radio read installation program. Learn More

Be Proud, be a Know-It-All!
Impress your friends and neighbors with all the juicy details of the DWP's water use regulations. Report water waste violations by calling 1(909) 866-LEAK or 866-5050 X 268. Learn more: Visit Water Use Regulations

Don't Doubt the Drought 

California is in a state of emergency. The Big Bear community must reduce our water consumption by 13%; currently we are at 10.6%. Regulations are still in effect. Read more here

Save Some Green
Saving water and saving money go hand in hand when you take advantage of BBLDWP rebates. Before you replace an inefficient toilet or remove your lawn, let us know

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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